Infrascale Online Backup

Provide Flexible Backup for your Client's Diverse Environments

Partner with Mimic Data to offer your clients the ability to back up any file or folder on their Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Your clients will enjoy the following features:

  • Access and share files anywhere
  • Encrypt files and folders for all backups
  • Restore data onto any device
  • Backup and recovery of iOS and Android phones and tablets

UltraSafe™ Secure & Encrypted Backup

Trust Infrascale to secure your client's data. With Infrascale's military-grade encryption process your client's files are encrypted three times during the three stages of an online backup. Check out our three-tirered encryption process:

  • Local encryption
  • Encrypted in transit during upload
  • Encrypted at rest in the data center

Lightening Fast Backup

Provide your clients with an on-the-fly encryption method that ensures their backups are among the fastest in the world. Infrascale understands that backups need to get to the cloud quickly and safely.

  • Your clients will typically be able to back up 1GB every 15 minutes (based on your Internet service provider or bandwidth).
  • Your clients will be allowed to throttle online backups, only if you want to.

Offer your clients speeds 2X Faster than Other Online Backup Providers


All your client's data will be backed up FOREVER! Infrascale offers ForeverSave™ which will automatically and infinitely archives your files and does not limit which backups are accessible for recovery.

Infrascale is designed to give you the ability to protect your client's data forever and allow your clients to recover it at any time. The Infrascale Timeline Recovery calendar will allow your clients to select a date in the past from which to recover a data backup.

ForeverSave™ unlimited archiving applies to any file in your client's organization.

  • Applicable for an unlimited number of files
  • Files from fileservers
  • Any file type

Continuous Data Protection

Your client's data protection is always on. Infrascale is always on the lookout for changes in your client's files, with Continuous Data Protection. Infrascale will detect the change and make sure the updated file is sent to the secure cloud whether your client selects the file for backup or not.

  • Restore any versions of files backed up with Continuous Data Protection
  • Modify any file and Infrascale Backup will instantly back it up

The latest version of your file will always be available.

Enterprise Compression

Industrial Strength Cloud Backup

After your client's initial backup, Infrascale’s intelligent compression system backs up only the files changed, minimizing the need to transfer data already stored. On a 500MB database, the daily transfer can be as small as 5KB. Our transfer system is enterprise-grade, meaning that large file transfers are resumed at the KB of interruption and not at the beginning like many online backup systems.

Flexible Schedules

Backup what you want, when you want

Your client's will have the flexibility to backup any file type. They will also have the ability to limit, include, or exclude certain file types for different backups. Infrascale's File Selection Wizard enables your client's to control what they backup, and when they want to back it up.

Allow your client's the ability to schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly backups. They simply need to choose the files, folders, servers and workstations that need to be backed up. Instead of running constantly, taking up valuable CPU and RAM resources like other online backup systems, Infrascale runs when your clients schedule it and when a file change is detected.

Centralized Management

Infrascale delivers centralized management functions including remote deployment, reporting, and monitoring. With our Dashboard, you are in control with access to:

  • Remote management
  • Report scheduling and access
  • Sub-account provisioning
  • Server license provisioning
  • GB usage
  • Username and password creation for sub-accounts

Offer File Sharing and Mobile Access

Now, your clients can share and send any of the files they’ve backed up – all they need is an email address or Facebook account to send it to.

  • Share files instead of sending large, unsecure files
  • Select and send as many files as you need
  • Share any file type
  • 500MB file size limit

Your client's will have access to the My Account portal which can be accessed with any browser and enables your client's to share any of their backed up files securely.


Endpoint Backup

Infrascale understands that enterprise is more diverse than ever. That being the case your clients are presented with advantages as well as some very distinct IT challenges. Infrascale offers solutions to meet these challenges and offer your clients a peace of mind.

Eliminate Data Redunancies

Offer your clients the ability to keep their data consistent and eliminate data duplication. With MimiData's pratical system for regular backups that only affects information needed, redunant data is eliminated - saving your client's a ton of money.

  • Effective rapid backups don’t intrude on user productivity.
  • Efficient data deduplication ensures your business pays only for the storage and bandwidth it requires, and not for extraneous or duplicate information.

Daily Snapshots

Imagine your client's having the ability to take daily Snapshots so they can roll their devices back to a specific date, providing an added level of device protection.

  • Snapshots mean your client can roll back to a specific date in the event of data loss or system corruption.
  • With Infrascale your clients can save an unlimited number of daily Snapshots, giving them even more protection.

Resource Management

Provide a system that works smarter, not harder as it protects your client's data. Background backups ensures your client's data is always protected without sucking the life out of the device's resources.

  • Your users can restore data and settings quickly and easily, minimizing downtime in the event of device loss or failure.
  • Infrascale will certify that your client's data is protected. If a backup is interrupted, Infrascale will auto-resume and ensure your client's data is effectively protected.
  • Resource optimization features minimize bandwidth and CPU utilization, increasing productivity.


Server Backup

Your client's mission critical business information is stored on their company’s servers. Protect that data with Infrascale Backup.

Offer your client's an affordable, enterprise-grade solution for backing up their most critical business information. Backup to military-grade data centers, protect their data with online backup software and manage it all with an integrated centralized management platform. With Infrascale Backup you can ensure that your client's corporate data is always protected.

  • Complete Server Backup: Integrated SQL and Exchange backup
  • Bare Metal backup and recovery: Low RTO bare metal image backups for Windows-based servers
  • Monitor server backups in the Central Management Dashboard

Windows Servers

  • Backup windows servers 2003 through 2012 R2
  • Backup full server (all volumes), selected volumes, or the system state
  • Recover volumes, folders, files, certain apps, or system state
  • Restore complete system using full server backup

SQL & SharePoint Servers

  • Native backup for SQL 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012
  • Full backup and restore with granular recovery
  • Backup will be secure from unauthorized access
  • Support for SharePoint 2008 and 2010

Exchange Server Backup

  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Server versions 2000 through 2013
  • Full Exchange backup with options for backup policies and schedules
  • Recover full servers or just down to the message level
  • Complete security with unique three-tiered encryption system

Integrated Exchange backup is available with every Mimic Data Partner Program. Backup and recover an unlimited number of Exchange servers.

Exchange Granular Recovery

  • Perform granular mailbox recovery on Infrascale .edb backups
  • Perform granular mailbox recovery on bare metal images of Exchange servers
  • Recover lost or deleted files quickly

Exchange Granular Recovery allows you access to 5 EGR licenses, each with recovery of up to 50 mailboxes.


Bare Metal Backup

Add bare metal image backups to your existing offerings to protect your client's entire server environment, including the operating system. With  bare metal backup your clients will be able to quickly recover their business servers, even if the hardware is different.

Once you become a partner with Mimic Data you can include bare metal image backup that enables your clients to thoroughly backup their Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Windows servers. They will be able to manage it all in their Centralized Management Dashboard.

Bare Metal Backups are Transactionally Consistent

Our bare metal backup technology is transactionally consistent. This means the software “talks” to the server to ensure that it is done transferring data. Only then will it take a bare metal image.

Exchange Granular Recovery with Bare Metal Images

With Infrascale your clients will have access to 5 Exchange Granular Recovery licenses, each with recovery of up to 50 mailboxes. They can then perform EGR on .edb files or bare metal images.

After you start your Mimic Data Partnership, you’ll be able to add bare metal image licenses and EGR licenses as needed.


Mobile Backup & Recovery

As a Mimic Data partner, you get access to iOS and Android backup and recovery applications at no additional cost. These applications can be logged into with an existing account, or sub-account for any of your client's employees.

  • Backup unlimited devices: Your clients can backup as many Android and iOS devices as they have within your organization. There is no limit the number of devices.
  • Backup and recover an entire smartphone: With Infrascale your clients can backup and recover applications, contacts, photos, videos, and other media.
  • Recover to any other device: Recovering and restoring data is simply simple!

Access Backups Anywhere

Mimic Backup mobile applications enable your clients to access backups anywhere in the world. These native applications free your clients to preview, stream, or download your backed up data, regardless of file type.

  • Access any file type: Download, stream, or view any piece of backed up data in the Android and iOS applications.
  • Access data backed up from any device: It doesn’t matter where the file was originally backed up from, your clients will be able to access it in these native applications.

Share Backups

Offering your clients the ability to back up their business data is critical not just to their employees, but co-workers who depend on them. With Infrascale native mobile backup applications allow data to be shared between employees or external users.

  • Send files via email: Once your clients have identified a file they want to send, simply add the user’s email address.
  • Send files with a secure link: The files shared will be available to the recipient via a secured link. Share these backups anywhere in the world!


Data Centers & Security

It is important for our partners and customers to know where their data is going, and it’s essential to be able to choose where to host your data. Infrascale is committed to the highest level of security available, from your client's device to our data centers. We offer a three-tiered encryption process that delivers the highest level of backup data security available. 

PRISM-Proof Data Encryption

Infrascale offers the most extensive NSA PRISM-proof military grade backup security.

With Infrascale, your client's data is:

  • Locally encrypted
  • Encrypted in transit during upload
  • Encrypted at rest in the data center

No one has access to your client's data but them. Not even us. This encryption method is the same as that used by the US military. Even data that is backed up on a local device with Infracale is encrypted.

Military Grade Data Centers

Infrascale’s commitment to security extends to our data centers. Our primary facilities are tier III and IV facilities, and employ U.S. military-grade security.

Our data centers feature:

  • Security with biometric credential requirements
  • Fire suppression systems
  • 24/7 online monitoring
  • Temperature and humidity control

We’ve Got You Covered: Worldwide Data Center Infrastructure

  • 15 global points of presence and operates out of many worldwide locations including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.
  • These data centers are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified
  • Offices within the US, UK, Australia, Greece, Ukraine and India
  • The target reliability of each of these data centers is 99.9 - 99.99% .


Infrascale meets the backup needs of the most demanding client verticals. Our robust security features meet the stringent compliance needs of the financial services, healthcare, legal and retail industries.

Our security meets or exceeds the following regulations:

  • GLBA
  • EU US Safe Harbor
  • SAS 70 Type II (Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry)


Centralized Management

Infrascale delivers a Centralized Management Dashboard to keep your clients in control. Management functions include remote deployment, reporting, and monitoring.

Using the Dashboard to manage backups for your clients is simple. From this single page, your clients will have access to the following tools:

  • Remote management
  • Report scheduling and access
  • Sub-account provisioning
  • Server license provisioning
  • GB usage
  • Username and password creation for sub-accounts

Remote Management and Control

Management and control of multiple locations and devices is also easily managed from our Centralized Management Dashboard. Manage backup across your enterprise from a single location.

  • Remote deployment: Use our MSI to deploy backups across your network, no matter where your offices, workstations, and servers are located.
  • Remote monitoring: Our Dashboard allows your clients to monitor their backups from any web browser and any internet connection. View backup events behind any firewall (or no firewall at all).
  • Remote account creation: Our Dashboard will enable their IT department to create online backup accounts for existing employees, new employees, and new devices. Infrascale allows companies to create an unlimited number of online backup accounts.

Backup and Account Reporting

Your clients will be able to access backup and account reporting for all sub-accounts in their organization anywhere. After deploying online backup accounts remotely, their IT department will always have access to backup reporting by account.

  • Report by account: Our Dashboard gives access to backup reporting by account across an entire network. View successes, failures, time and date the backup occurred, as well as the number and size of files that have been backed up.
  • Email reports:  Schedule backup reports for their entire company to be emailed to them at a specified email address.