Enterprise Data Protection Any and Everywhere

Security risks are inevitable with the rise in use of laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones that holds proprietary and confidential data critical to your client's business. As such, your clients need a solution to proactively manage continuous data protection throughout various endpoints.

With Infrascale's endpoint management technology, your client's IT Administrators will be able to protect and manage enterprise data across all endpoints from a unified dashboard. Intelligent deployment, monitoring, reporting and remote management technology make endpoint protection and data-loss prevention simple and secure for devices on and off network.

EnGuard Endpoint Protection

Utilize Infrascale's platform to prevent and mitigate data loss by protecting your client's data in the most distibuted array of networks and devices. Allow your clients to backup all their data from any device at any time.

Data Loss Prevention

Offer your clients the ability to configure their Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies. Give your clients the peace of mind in knowing their data is monitored and protected across their organization's devices.

Audit Reports and Monitoring

Your clients can integrate backup activity into their helpdesk support system using our endpoint monitoring tools - or simply use our state-of-the-art reporting to show activity history for each device.


No need to sacrafice performance for scalability. Your clients will have an enterprise grade scalable endpoint backup solution that's both cost and resource effective.

Security & Compliance

We have spared no expense to guarantee the upmost in security, both in technology and storage. Utilize our ‘zero-knowledge’ feature to ensure access is limited only to authorized users and be assured that your data is stored at top-tier datacenters with the latest in security access procedures and protocols.

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