Cloud Hosting

Mimic Data provides dedicated virtual servers to host your data in our secure and redundant cloud infrastructure. We use the VMware vSphere™ virtualization platform because it dramatically expands IT effectiveness and efficiency creating the best cloud hosting solutions.

Protect your business from a data disaster with Mimic Data. We’ll help you create a customized disaster recovery solution that guarantees on-demand data and keeps your business up and running 24/7.

Virtual Server Hosting

When we host your virtual servers, we use the #1 cloud backup product in the industry—Veeam Backup & Replication™ to back up your virtual servers every day. That means your backup infrastructure is always in place, and your workforce can access data and applications in minutes from a secure, off-site repository. This lets you minimize downtime and reduce impact on your customers.

VMware Cloud Hosting Pricing

Mimic Data strives to provide the best possible prices for our clients’ cloud hosting solutions, weighed against a superior level of personal and system service. Our cloud services pricing structure is static, and you can expect the pricing below to remain consistent. Furthermore, our cloud computing systems are created with ROI in mind so that you only pay for cloud features and benefits that you need.

VMware Dedicated Virtual Servers are priced by CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth. Each plan comes with a set number of resources. Each of these resources can be added and removed at any time, just contact us.

Cloud hosting and cloud storage pricing discounts apply for larger needs; please contact us to discuss your requirements

Build your Own Custom Server

Cloud Resource/OptionService Pricing Details
Hypervisor VMware vSphere 5.x
VMware License Fee $65/mo per server
Contract Term Month-to-Month
1vCPU / vCORE System
1 vCPU $6.50/mo
vRAM $5/mo per GB
2vCPU / vCORE System
2 vCPU $25/mo
vRAM $7/mo per GB
4vCPU / vCORE System
4vCPU $95/mo
vRAM $12/mo per GB
SATA Storage (7200 RPM Disks) $.14/mo per GB
SAS Storage (15k Disks) $.28/mo per GB (Kansas Only)
Windows Server Standard
(2008R2 or 2012R2)
vCenter Access $40/mo (Kansas Only)

Oregon - 1 to 10Mbit Unlimited transfer Bandwidth $20 p/Mbit monhtly
Oregon - 11 to 20Mbit Unlimited transfer Bandwidth $18 p/Mbit monthly
Oregon - 21 tp 50Mbit Unlimited transfer Bandwidth $16 p/Mbit monhtly
Oregon - 51Mbit + Unlimited transfer Bandwidth $15 p/Mbit monhtly
Kansas - 5Mbit Unlimited transfer Bandwidth $15/mo
Kansas - 10Mbit Unlimited transfer Bandwidth $125/mo
Kansas - 20Mbit Unlimited transfer Bandwidth $225/mo
Addtional bandwidth Contact Us
Static IP Address 1 per Server included - Additional @ $0.75/mo
Shared Firewall (ports open upon request) Included
Dedicated Firewall VM $99/mo + $150 setup

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